Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My 25 Mile LD Ride in Beautiful PEI!

25 miles-my first LD ride
The plans had changed
And my nerves I tried to hide
I’d be going out alone
As Wind needed to rest
So my five months of learning
Was going to be put to the test
I’d never ridden alone
Without someone from the TT crew
I started to doubt myself
What would I do?

Remember to breath
You will be fine, they all said
Then one piece of advice
Seemed to stick in my head
When faced with the decision
To ride or sit out
Always ride I was told
There should not be any doubt

So I started going through the motions
Spirit and I
I started to breath
Then I looked in his eyes
I wouldn’t be alone
No not for a minute
He was calm, an old pro
And he and I-we were in it!

We saw the vet
And then finished our trot out

Got saddled up and gear on
And then waited for the shout

“Trail’s open”, I heard
And my stomach did a flip
But with a racing heart and a wave
We were off to start our 25 mile trip 

Everyone was so kind
They heard I was new
They said, “Don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye out for you”

As I started on that ride
It was myself I was surprising
You see I can’t even be convinced
To do city driving
I like things calm and laid back
I do not like unknowns
But on Spirit- in that saddle
I felt right at home

The trails were so beautiful
 Red dirt roads through the trees
The sun breaking through in patches
The fields blowing gently in the breeze
The birds were out singing
As if cheering us along
And a time or two I found myself
Singing my own song

At different spots along the way
Our pit crews we’d see
With water and encouragement
That meant so much to me

And Spirit was just incredible
He really was an old pro
He carefully took in our surroundings
And he knew which way to go

I felt something that day
That brought a tear to my eye
As he carefully took me along
And the miles kept passing by
 I looked down at my friend
So faithful and true
I realized I was riding with someone
From the TT crew

He took me all the way back
In the heat on that day
My gratitude to him
Was more than words could ever say

And we did cross the finish line
We even came in third place
And got honourable mention from the vet
In our first LD race!

I have many people to thank
Where to begin

Thanks to my husband, my daughter



and Lynn!

It was an experience to remember
One I’ll never forget
But I have a feeling
There are more great things
To come yet!


  1. Very nicely done. You captured the moment so well!

  2. You brought a tear to my eye ... beautiful, and thank you for sharing so eloquently.

  3. You were like a pro out there. I know we will see you at many rides to come. Once you get the bug to trail ride there is no turning back !! Happy Trails !

    1. Thanks Donna. I enjoyed my time riding with you and hearing about your experiences-how are your lessons coming along? :)

  4. Awesome Shelley, it was a beautiful poem and you did capture every moment. It touched my heart and I was not even there.


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